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Kelvatek Exhibition Stand

  • Client: Camlin Group
  • Service: Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design, Manufacture and Build
  • Location: Glasgow SEC
  • Date: 30-31 October 2019

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Kelvatek are part of the Camlin Group, who operate with the vision of bringing revolutionary products to life for a wide range of industries. They work in energy, power and rail, and also have interests in a number of R&D projects in a variety of scientific sectors.

Camlin understand the impact a great exhibition stand can have on their brand reputation and awareness. Therefore, they came to designco in the hope of matching their exhibition stand design and aesthetic to their forward thinking brand values.

Designco began working on Camlin's Kelvatek Exhibition Stand back in June 2019, brainstorming ideas and options that would match their brand and vision. Designco optimised these ideas to create the best potential for Kelvatek to gain new clients and leads.

The Technicals

So how did designco create this stand out exhibition stand?

Firstly, the main components of the stand are made of modular Octanorm systems. The central rectangle structure is a 4m high Octanorm wall, filled in with high gloss on brand panels. In addition to this there is a OctaUniversal 5m tower structure on a heavy baseplate, lockable branded counters and Octanorm meeting area. These large, eye-catching structures give the stand an incredible foundation to work off. The design is slick and professional,  keeping the brand's image clear in any potential client's mind.

The hanging double sided banner frame, integrated AV solutions and slick furniture furthermore help to pull the whole stand together.

Customer Service

From ensuring every last detail is signed off by the client, to making sure the crew don't leave the site until the client is totally happy with the end result, Designco are committed to excellent customer service. We care about our clients' success at exhibitions and always aim to exceed expectation.

Designco are always on time, always on budget and always top quality.